The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

The knight and his steed, a tropical capture in Costa Rica.

China, Jiangyin, Jiangsu. Rows of identical houses with a playground seen in the middle in the city of Jiangyin.

man fans flames in Tanauan, Philippines, on November 19, 2013. On
November 8th, 2013, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded hit
the central Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan, a category five super typhoon
swept across the Island states of Leyte and Samar bringing winds of up
to 270km/h and a 15-foot-high storm surge destroying almost everything
in its path. Current official figures suggest that over five thousand
people lost their lives with a further three million people displaced,
though those figures are expected to rise. Countries all over the world
pledged relief aid to help support those affected by the typhoon.

Leveaux of France dives off the blocks at the start of the Men’s 4x100m
Freestyle relay on day nine of the 15th FINA World Championships at
Palau Sant Jordi on July 28, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

The world as seen from the outside.

In July each year, this heart-pounding scene of wildebeests migration repeats itself in Kenya.

Snow-covered trains on tracks leading to an industrial site at the port of Gdynia, Poland.

Aerial image of river delta in Iceland.

your youth, nothing can stop you from enjoying time with your friends,
especially not a simple matter of rain during summer fun. You may grow
up and forget the names, but you’ll always remember the moments, the
time on the dock with your friends during a surprise shower.

Emotional outpouring of a bride.

and devotees cross pontoon bridges at the Maha Kumbh Mela – the largest
spiritual gathering on the planet, held every 12 years in India.

From a study of Gennaro and Maurizio, 16-year-old identical twins with autism.

After the concert, at the Guca trumpet festival in Serbia.

of “Las Aguas” (The Waters) brotherhood wait before the start of their
penance during Holy Week in the Andalusian capital of Seville, southern
Spain, March 25, 2013. Hundreds of Easter processions take place around
the clock in Spain during Holy Week, drawing thousands of visitors. 

One of a series of images taken at Svalbard, Norway.

An overhead view, from the skies above Poland.

White Weapon Wounded by Jimmy Javier Alvarado with his girlfriend,
waiting to be treated at the Hospital Mario Catarino Rubio of San Pedro
Sula — from a sociological essay on violence in Latin America. The
impotence of pain and hell associated with a daily theater of war where
violence is always in the news.

Kazakhs living in Mongolia have a long history of riding horses. The
nomadic tribes living in prehistoric Kazakhstan were said to be the
first to domesticate and ride horses. Today, the tradition is still very
much alive deep in the remote region of the Altai Tayan Bogd national
park, which borders Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

Caught mid-bath, a wet dog tries to save the last bit of dignity he has.

Interior of an abandoned cooling tower.

ago, Inuit hunted the Bowhead whale. At that time, whale hunting
undoubtedly was part of a complex and very important ritual, if only
because of the size of the catch. The position that the ancestors of
today’s Inuit occupied in the living world involved a relationship with
the spirit that inhabited each animal but also their species.

Scampia neighborhood, a large area under Camorra control, the biggest
area in Europe known for drug selling. A pusher with his gun on the roof
of a building called “The Sails”.

Herrera prepares for several months leading up to a fight. Morning and
evening for three hours each time. Only on Sunday does he relax. The
training alternates between technique, fitness and strength.

That’s dance. 

of Hindus sit with lights (Prodip) and pray to Gods in front of Shri
Shri Lokanath Brahmachar Ashram temple during the Rakher Upobash at
Barodi, Narayangonj, Bangladesh.

Mark 22, returns to the Medecins Sans Frontieres Family Support Centre,
Tari hospital, where she is being treated in Tari the provincial
capital of Hela Province in Papua New Guinea. Marlin was attacked by her
husband who caused severe injuries by punching her and cutting her with
a bush knife.

mines are one of the most beautiful places of work I know. The miners
work so hard that they do not see the beauty of the place they work at.
Dust and darkness and the beam of the torch are the only things they
know. I wanted to show their hard job and stunning underground palace.

Tower of David is a skyscraper built in downtown Caracas, 195 meters
high, 45 floors, two towers. Construction began in 1990 and in 1994
after a strong financial crisis that hit Venezuela, the construction
stopped with only 60% complete, 13 years after the construction began
again. In 2007 the huge building was invaded by about two thousand

A baby Orangutan peeking out from his mother’s embrace.

workers take part in the rescue of the eight-story building Rana Plaza
which collapsed at Savar, outside Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reports stated that
1,130 workers died and nearly 2,500 were rescued alive after the
eight-story building Rana Plaza that housed mostly garment factories
collapsed on April 24, 2013.


who has Down’s syndrome, is five years old. With her parents Martin and
Karina and her younger brother Kristian, she lives in the countryside
close to Aarhus, in the middle of Denmark. For half a year she has been
attending the local kindergarten now. Her parents had to fight with the
municipality to find the right spot for Emmy. They realized that
inclusion seems not to be the most normal thing in Denmark. Their
daughter has been doing great in the new kindergarten. Her ability to
speak and social behavior towards other kids improved.

A muddy face from the mud bath, going into the lake.

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